Dynamic Supply Chains
Designing and managing customer-centric
Dr. John Gattorna
Meet the global Supply Chain Thought Leader
B.E. (Melb); MBA (Monash); PhD (Cranfield)
John Gattorna has spent a lifetime working in and around supply chains, in many different capacities – line executive, researcher, consultant/adviser, teacher and author. He is passionate about the subject – some might say Obsessive.

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Dynamic Supply Chains (3e)
How to design, build andmanage people centricnetworks
Dynamic Supply Chains Alignment
A new business model forpeak performance in enterprise Supply Chains across all geographies
Dynamic Supply Chains (2e)
Delivering value throughpeople
Dynamic Supply Chains (2e)
How to mobilize the enterprise around deliveringwhat your customers want
A letter from Dr John Gattorna to intending delegates at the 1-day Master Class
Dear colleagues,

Since I last offered this master Class in Shanghai in 2013, a lot has happened in the world, much of which has re-emphasised the critical importance of enterprise supply chains.

During the intervening 2 years, we have also been learning new ways to design and operate this omni-present supply chains that pervade the lives of everyone on the planet.

I have compressed the previous 2-day program into just one day, because speed is of the essence, and in any event busy executives will find it more convenient and a better fit with their busy work schedules.

Please come to this key event, and bring your team with you- joint learning will accelerate your progress when you return to your respective Firms.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Best of success,

Dr. John Gattorna
Supply Chain "Thought Leader"
This workshop will change your whole outlook on the design and operation of enterprise supply chains. The ‘dynamic alignment’ model is unique in the world, and is a powerful integrating force for improved operational and financial performance. By attending, you will find out exactly what steps to take to re-align your business ( and its supply chains) with customers and suppliers, including the invaluable 3PL external resource.
The 1-day event is solely conducted by Dr John Gattorna, using a mix of short lectures, video demonstrations, and diagnostics that each attendee completes on his/her own business. So the resul for each attendee is uniquely theirs.
As indicated above, best results have historically been achieved when small multi-disciplinary teams of executives attend from the one company; indeed, the results will amaze you!
All C-Level Executives (CEO, COO, CPO, etc.), Managing Directors, General Managers, Senior Executives in ALL functions in value chains.
  • The best way to create value is to achieve a finer ‘alignment’ with customers and suppliers. Currently, many companies are ‘over’ and ‘under’ servicing, thereby losing out both ways! In other words most are guessing, and wasting a lot of resource. One-size-fits-all static supply chain designs are dead!

  • Adopt the ‘Dynamic alignment’ model, ie, which links customer, strategy, internal culture, and leadership style. But by definition this means you can’t do the entire task alone- all the functions/disciplines inside the company have to work in a co-ordinated way to deliver what the customer wants.

  • The best organisations in the world have realised that you can design and operate supply chains from the ‘outside-in’! It has to be 180 degree different, ie., from the current ‘inside-out’ way.

  • Start by re-segmenting your customer base. The way you do it now, using ‘institutional’ definitions is of no use in designing your supply chain.

  • What you will find is that there are up to 16 different buying behaviours, but the 3 most dominant buying behaviours that we see in industry and commerce are: Collaborative; Transactional; and Dynamic. These 3 will give you an 80% fit to your customers/market.

  • Based on these 3 different buying behaviours you will realise there are 3 correspondingly different supply chain configurations that can be hard-wired into the business. Only the ‘Collaborative’ segment truly warrants a collaborative approach, using a supply chain type called ‘Continuous Replenishment’.

  • This requires revisiting the way you structure your organization (preferably in ‘clusters’), and creating internal sub-cultures to underpin each of the 3 SC types.

“ The articulated dynamic supply chains are a critical component of every business and corporate strategy. ”
Yoram (Jerry) Wind, The Lauder Professor of Marketing,
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvannia, USA.

“ Gattorna’s research is sound, his conclusions are spot-on, and the resulting model for achieving dynamic alignment is very powerful. ”
Ron Woodward, Manufacturing, Engineering and Global Operations Director,
Strategic Change and Risk Management, Dow Corning Corporation, USA.

“ John Gattorna tangibly validates why he is considered one of the global thought leaders in supply chain management. ”
Paul W. I. Bradley, Chairman and CEO, Caprica International, Singapore.

“ I’m convinced that [John’s] segmentation model is a must for every manager to understand and build solid business models for each venture in the market. ”
Vicente Moliterno, Managing Director, Staroup S.A., Brazil.

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