Training Workshops

GlobalSCM Training

GlobalSCM Training provides integrated consulting, training and performances solutions focused on operation strategy, warehouse, manufacturing, procurement and other areas. We annually develop 5-10 new programs and organize 50+ public workshops and in-house trainings to help organizations achieve results by executing on top priorities, building the capability of knowledge workers, and aligning business processes.

Advantages of GlobalSCM Training

  • Focusing on supply chain, logistics, procurement, manufacturing and related topics
  • 5-10 new programs developed annually to suit the ever-changing market
  • 60+ world-class trainers (most of them are authors, founders of consulting firms and senior consultants)
  • Practical and proven by 1500+ past audiences
  • Interactive workshops reflecting 20+ years’ experience
  • Sophisticated models and practical tools to analyze your own cases
  • Real case studies (successful & unsuccessful stories suitable to course modules) from international companies
  • Continuous on-line discussion and learning after workshops

Recommend Topics Include:

  • Dynamics Supply Chains
  • Advancing Inventory Management & Demand Planning
  • Supplier Evaluation & Performance Management
  • Measuring & Benchmarking Supply Chain Performance
  • Knowing and Re-engineering Your Supply Chain Costs
  • Contract Writing and Management for Procurement Professionals
  • Category Management: Cost and Leveraging Strategies for Supply Professionals
  • Optimizing 3PL Partnerships & Processes
  • Warehouse Design and Layout
  • Supply Chain Risk and Resilience
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility for Supply Professionals
  • Hidden Cost in Low Cost Producing Countries
  • Driving Down Costs through Cost/Price Analysis
  • . . . . . .

If you have a number of colleagues with similar training needs, then you may wish to consider having an in-house training delivered locally on-site. The course can be tailored to specific requirements. Please contact us on +86 21 3639 7572 or